Yukon History

Are There Yukon Gold and Silver Mines For Sale?

Many investors have been contemplating buying gold and silver mines located in Yukon. Considering the rising value of Yukon gold and silver, it is a wise decision. If you are one of these entrepreneurs, and you end up landing a good mine, you can make huge profits. It could pave the way for you to […]

Yukon Silver Rush – Is It Happening Now?

Yukon Silver Rush – Is It Happening Now In the history books, Yukon might be famous for its Klondike Gold Rush of the late 19th century. However, this wild country also became known as a significant silver Hub following the discovery of silver deposits in Keno back in 1918. Mining companies quickly began to drill […]

Yukon Gold Rush – Will It Happen Again?

The Yukon Gold rush, which is also known as the Klondike Gold Rush, led to the migration of thousands of people. While heading to the Canadian territory of the Yukon, they had no idea what awaited them. Even so, each person was hopeful that the Yukon Gold would provide the pathway to limitless wealth. Despite […]

Yukon Mineral Mining History

Mining history of The Yukon The Yukon is a territory located in the northwestern part of Canada. The region is famous for its mineral potential and its rich mining history. The Yukon gold rush followed the discovery of gold by a fisherman, George Carmack, in the late eighteenth century. The Yukon gold rush led to […]

History of Yukon

Yukon was formerly known as the Yukon Territories. It is one of the three territories in Canada located in the extreme northwest of the country. The human habitation history can be traced back to the Ice Age. The very first inhabitants are said to have arrived more than 20000 years ago after migrating from Asia […]