How To Get To Yukon? Fly Or Drive?

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How To Get To Yukon? Fly Or Drive?

It always feels amazing and fun when you spend your free time interacting with nature. If you are looking for the perfect destination to adventure in Canada, the Yukon Gold is the real deal. But what is the best way to get to Yukon? Should I drive or fly? These are common questions many tourists ask. This article will give you fascinating facts why taking a road drive to Yukon is more breathtaking compared to flying.

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Yukon travel gives you a myriad of incredible sceneries including quirky towns, wildlife, and historic homestead attractions that give you exciting and memorable experiences. Whether you are driving with your family or friends, there is never a dull moment when you drive through Yukon Territory.

If you love traversing native wilderness with beautiful sceneries, a road drive trip to Yukon Territory will give you that remarkable experience. With wonderful features such as azure lakes, towering glaciers, boreal forest, historical rivers, and rugged mountains, Yukon will give you a lifetime tour experience.

Some of the main road trip routes that you can use when you want to drive to Yukon include:

The Alaska Highway Route

It has a rich history which dates backs to 1942 during WWII. The Alaska Highway was built with an intention to connect Alaska to the US mainland. Driving through this route gives you an opportunity to transverse through 1,387-miles of unparalleled Mother Nature adventure.

Some of the most notable attractions that you are likely to come across while driving on this Alaska Highway route include the pointing home sign that was left behind by one of the soldiers during its construction. Next to it you will also find the delightful Watson Lake’s Sign Post Forest that is just exceptional.

We all know road trips aren’t complete without some spice of adventure. The Alaska Highway road drive route will also give you a wonderful taste of breathtaking adventures to make your trip more enjoyable.

If you love to picnic or hike, you get an opportunity to visit the Southern Lakes region and enjoy a cool and relaxed ambiance. You also get a chance to learn a little bit of Tlingit culture when you make a stopover at the Teslin Tlingit Heritage Center.

On this same route, you can spend some days at Whitehorse which is the Yukon capital. At Whitehorse, you get an amazing opportunity to do various mind-blowing adventure activities. Some of the most popular fun activities that tourists engage in while at Whitehorse include mountain biking, dogsledding, and river paddling.

For a once in a lifetime experience, don’t miss a visit to Kluane National Park and Reserve to see the ice fields and glacier-carved valleys

The Dempster Highway Route

The Dempster Highway is a popular wilderness highway which gives you a total of 458-miles of road drive through the Canada’s only all-season drive which cuts through the Artic Circle. A Yukon travel through this road drive route presents charming expansive natural landscape, meandering mountain ranges as well as wide variety of wild flowers.

The Dempster highway road drive road starts from the Wild West end and moves through the ancient Gold Rush settlement of Dawson City and heads north all the way to the Northwest regions near Mackenzie river delta. Alternatively, you can use the newly opened all-season overland highway and drive all the way to Tuktoyaktuk.

There are great adventures that you can experience when you drive through this route including hiking, photography, and fishing. For a blissful experience, make sure you visit various popular camps such as Tombstone Territorial Park and Interpretive Center.

Golden Circle Route

The Golden Circle road drive route is a mountain loop stretch of 379-miles which gives you a rare opportunity to come across one of the world’s smallest micro deserts. When driving to Yukon via this route, you can have a mountain biking experience at Carcross.

Some of the cutting-edge Mother Nature experiences that you witness on this route include the Alaska rainforest, Alpine towns, meandering mountain ranges, and unique wildlife diversity. To get a taste of native community rich history and culture, consider spending a night or two at various towns such as Keno city.

Klondike/Kluane Loop Route

The Klonde/Kluane Loop is an 892-miles route that is full of impressive landscapes. A road drive through this route is full of stunning adventures of motoring historical Yukon’s gold mining and vast glaciers.

Using the Kluane Loop, you can drive and cut across from Whitehorse to Dawson City. Some of the amazing historical sites and scenery to visit include Dawson city Museum, Danoja Zho cultural center and Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall.

Hiking and photography are key adventures that you can’t afford to miss during this road trip to Yukon adventure. You can clearly see that flying to Yukon is a boring experience since you miss all these memorable spectacular attractions that you stand a chance to see and experience when you choose a road trip to Yukon.

So, next time you are looking for a holiday destination, check out for reliable Yukon deals that offer a road trip drive to Yukon and you will get a chance to experience another world full of mind-blowing exploits.