Yukon’s Year Round Tourist Attractions

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Yukon’s Year Round Tourist Attractions

Yukon Gold may be the reason why the Yukon is known all over the world, but the region also has other striking attractions. Every year, tourists flood the place to discover different fantastic locations and learn about their amazing culture and heritage. If you are looking for a vacation destination, you should start with the Yukon to get firsthand experience of the limitless fun it provides.

Below are some destinations that you will find. Touring them may cost you $5 or more, depending on the Yukon deals that you will find. If you are lucky, you might even get loyalty offers from your favorite travel company enabling you to visit them for free.

MacBride Museum

If you are fascinated by Yukon’s history and the gold rush, make sure you visit this dynamic museum. You can view many exhibits that showcase the region’s history, including the enthralling beadwork and tools. On top of that, you may learn about panning the Yukon gold. Sometimes, the museum offers historical themed programs ideal for both children and adults. Should you find one during your trip, take your time to participate.

Emerald Lake

You will find this lake in southern Yukon. Many travelers are attracted to it by its beautiful and intense blue-green color. Even though it doesn’t offer a lot of activities that you can indulge in, you can take memorable pictures in the region. There are countless spots where you can do it. For instance, there is a mountain range background. Tourists can also have great shots along the South Klondike highway that has gorgeous views.


This is northern Canada’s largest city and the Yukon Territory’s capital. Most people often refer to it as The Wilderness City. It provides a wide array of outdoor and indoor fun activities for tourists. Should you head to the city in February, you can attend The Frostbite Music Festival. There, you can enjoy the works of various musicians, storytellers and artists. You can also have a taste of Yukon food and drinks at even less than $5. In June, the city hosts the Adäka Cultural Festival that comes with talented First Nations artists and others from various parts of the world.

Silver Trail

With the great Yukon deals for tours that you can get, don’t miss visiting the Silver Trail, especially if you love the outdoors. It is packed with mountain ranges, rivers, and lakes. Although it didn’t have as much Yukon gold as the Klondike, some was found there. You can learn about its history after hours of hiking in the region. There are trails for cyclists, too, and they can watch wildlife while at it. If you happen to visit Yukon during winter, you can head to Silver Trail to ski.

Takhini Hot Springs

This is the perfect spot to relax whenever you are in Yukon. You can go there to enjoy a refreshing soak at one of their hot pools. These springs stand on about 200 acres of land, which awaits your exploration if you are an adventurous soul. They are open during all seasons; hence, you don’t have to limit yourself to summer or winter trips. You can rent a towel and bathing suit at $5, but the price may be different depending on when you get there. If you visit the place with your child who is below 12 years old, make sure you are with them while they are in the water at all times.

Lake Laberge

This lake is known for its incredibly cold water and rustic surroundings. It has a campground for camping enthusiasts. If you are one of them, bring along a tent as well as other necessary camping gear. Travelers are also allowed to hold picnics there. Lake Laberge provides scenic views that you can enjoy while sitting at its shores. Some parts of it are accessible and ideal for fishing. Others are pretty rough, and they can make canoeing difficult and dangerous.

Yukon Wildlife Preserve

A tour of the Yukon Wildlife Preserve costs more than $5, but the thrill is worth it. There are many areas where you can watch different animals in close proximity. These include mountain goats, elk, moose, woodland caribou, and red foxes. You can get a guide and an interpreter to make the most of the bus tours. They open every day; hence, you can head there whenever you are in Yukon between 10:30 am and 4:00 pm.

You should consider visiting Yukon to learn about the famous Yukon gold, but there are also many other attractions to see. These include lakes and cities that provide fantastic locations for fishing, camping, and hiking. You may find favorable Yukon deals allowing you to attend various events. With a stroke of luck, you may get loyalty offers to enable you to explore specific destinations in the region. It will even be more entertaining if you bring some relatives and friends with you.