Are There Yukon Gold and Silver Mines For Sale?

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Are There Yukon Gold and Silver Mines For Sale?

Many investors have been contemplating buying gold and silver mines located in Yukon. Considering the rising value of Yukon gold and silver, it is a wise decision. If you are one of these entrepreneurs, and you end up landing a good mine, you can make huge profits. It could pave the way for you to expand your businesses and realize your objectives. Do not buy a mine blindly or in haste because you might purchase one that won’t meet your expectations. Instead, take some time to consider the available Yukon deals for silver and gold mines potentially for sale. While at it, think about the factors below:

Mineral value

Before buying a mine, make sure you are aware of its real mineral value. This is the only way to make sure that there is the Yukon silver and gold you are hoping to find. Even though there are some great Yukon deals out there, there are also some pretty shady ones. You might buy a mine only to find out that most of the territory has been explored and exhausted. Then, you will have invested millions of dollars in something whose value is not worth it.

Recent mining activity

Take some time off your packed schedule to visit the location of the mine you are interested in buying. Are there signs to show that any mining activities have been going on? If not, ask the salesman if the deal is legit. This could be by requesting them to explain to you why there has been no Yukon silver or gold mining recently. Should they provide a reason that doesn’t sound good enough, think twice about buying that mine.


Various gold and silver mines situated in Yukon come with different sizes. The area that the mine you want to own covers should match your needs. This is because it may affect its value. Also, bear in mind that the gold mine may be large but have a low mineral value. Therefore, ensure that you pay for its size and the mineral value that comes with it. This will increase your chances of making profits from your investment.

Date of filing the mining claim

You should also care to know when the mining claim that interests you were filed. This may help you to decide whether or not to purchase the Yukon gold mine. For instance, if the date of filing is less than a year before the sale, you should ask why the previous claim holder is not interested in it anymore. It could be because the mineral value is not as much as they had expected. If so, it might also not meet your requirements.


If you want to buy a specific Yukon silver mine, make sure that it is accessible and safe. Although the mine’s value may be high, you might not be able to benefit from it fully if the infrastructure is extremely poor. This is because transporting the metals, miners, and necessary mining equipment might pose a significant challenge. It should also be safe. Miners have been known to die in mines, and you should always put the safety of your employees first.

As you consider the mine’s location, you can also look at the nearby facilities. Can your workers find accommodation? Is there a market, a hospital, or restaurants? Clean water sources should also be available because the miners cannot survive without water.

Permits and licenses

Never purchase any Yukon gold and silver mine without seeing the owner’s mining permits and licenses. You may also find out more about the mine broker to ensure that the Yukon deal is real. It will make it easier for you to start mining as soon as possible since there will be no legal complications.

There are plenty of Yukon silver and gold mines for sale. If a mine has a great mineral value and its location is ideal, it is worth buying. You also ought to make sure that you are comfortable with its size since it may affect its cost. In addition, ensure that there has been recent mining activity unless there is a good reason why it has not been taking place. Before paying the owner, let them show you their licenses first.